South Carolina Man Receives Life Sentence for Killing Mail Carrier Over Failed Marijuana Delivery

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Trevor Raekwon Seward, 25, was convicted of the murder of Irene Pressley, a 64-year-old mail carrier in Williamsburg County, South Carolina.

Man Receives Life Sentence
Man Receives Life Sentence ( Photo: Fox News )

A man has been handed a life sentence after being found guilty of murdering a mail carrier who had failed to deliver a large package of marijuana to his residence

The incident occurred in September 2019. According to federal prosecutors, Seward discovered a note in his mailbox instructing him to collect the marijuana package from a local post office instead of having it delivered directly to his home. Infuriated, Seward confronted Pressley a short while later, demanding the package. However, the mail carrier refused his request.

Following this confrontation, Seward retrieved a semi-automatic rifle and waited for Pressley on a street in Andrews. As she approached in her mail truck, he fired approximately 20 shots into the vehicle, striking Pressley multiple times. Seward then drove the mail truck into a ditch, ransacked it in search of his marijuana and any other valuables, and left Pressley’s lifeless body inside the truck.

The package of marijuana was later discovered on the street where the shooting took place

During the sentencing hearing, Pressley’s sister, Elisha Hubbard, held Seward responsible for their father’s emotional decline. She expressed that he had lost his will to live due to the tragic loss of his daughter, who used to bring him daily treats. Seward, in response, chose not to address the court or offer any statements.

Additionally, Seward’s accomplice, Jerome Terrell Davis, 31, who had assisted in searching for the mail carrier, received a 25-year prison sentence. Davis pleaded guilty to charges of robbery, and conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribute marijuana, as stated by prosecutors.

It is worth noting that the value of the marijuana package was relatively low. At the time of the incident, its worth in Colorado, where it was legally obtainable, was approximately $1,600. Even when marijuana was illegal nationwide, its value would not have exceeded $2,600, according to data from the National Drug Intelligence Center regarding South Carolina in 2000.


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