Suspect Arrested After Attacking Women On Manhattan Subway Slashing Spree

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A suspect was arrested after attacking women on a Manhattan subway slashing spree.

Manhattan Subway Slashing Spree
A suspect was arrested after attacking women on a Manhattan subway slashing spree. (Photo: New York Post)

Suspect Arrested in Slashing Spree That Targets Women on Manhattan Subway

A 26-year-old suspect named Kemel Rideout was arrested Tuesday in a splashing spree that targeted women on a Manhattan subway, which left several of his victims injured following the attacks.

According to reports from Daily News, the suspect accused of slashing the legs of three women was arrested after being caught in a surveillance camera while coming out of a store holding chips and a soda.

During the investigation, authorities discovered that the suspect, who reportedly had emotional problems, had already been arrested for various crimes, including attempted rape.

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Suspect Faces Assault Charges After Attacking Women by Slashing Their Legs on Manhattan Subway

The arrested suspect reportedly attacked a 19-year-old college student and later slashed a 48-year-old woman’s leg before he hopped on a train, where he attacked a 28-year-old woman again after several minutes.

Following the incident, the victims of the suspect were rushed to the hospital and received treatment for the injuries they sustained from the slashing spree.

After his arrest, the suspect faced assault charges for attacking and injuring three women on the Manhattan subway.

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