Tech Consultant Pleads Not Guilty in Cash App Founder’s Stabbing Death

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Momeni, accused of stabbing Lee to death, remained silent during the proceedings while his attorney, Paula Canny, spoke on his behalf.

Tech Consultant Pleads Not Guilty
Tech Consultant Pleads Not Guilty ( Photo: CBS News )

Nima Momeni, a tech consultant, and executive, entered a plea of not guilty in the murder case involving Cash App founder Bob Lee

The courtroom was filled with Lee’s grieving family members, including his mother and sister. Superior Court Judge Victor Hwang, after considering the circumstances, decided to keep Momeni in custody without bail for the duration of the case. Although Judge Hwang didn’t view Momeni as a flight risk, he deemed him a potential danger to the community.

The city’s medical examiner determined that Bob Lee, who tragically lost his life in San Francisco last month, died from multiple stab wounds. Lee sustained three stab wounds, two to the left side of his chest and one to his right hip.

One of the wounds caused damage to his lung and right ventricle

Nima Momeni, 38 years old, was apprehended and charged with Lee’s murder approximately ten days following the stabbing incident on April 4. Court documents suggest that Momeni allegedly attacked Lee after a dispute involving Momeni’s sister.

Prosecutors emphasized in their motion that Momeni exhibited a clear and direct intent to kill Lee, characterizing the act as a premeditated and deliberate assault.


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