Teens detained in relation to Colorado rock-throwing death snapped a picture to preserve as a “memento”


As stated by authorities, 3 teens who are charged with cruelly murdering a woman by smashing a rock at her windshield admitted to photographing her vehicle but failed to rescue her when she ran off the road.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office early last week detained 3 teenagers with Alexa Bartell’s death and numerous additional stone-throwing events that occurred that night. Alexa Bartell, 20, was killed on April 19 when a rock slammed into her window. On Thursday, the 3 made a brief court appearance.

In several months, 2 of the teenagers threw objects at moving cars, based on court documents. The boys allegedly used military or video game language to plan their assaults on April 19 as they traveled through an urban region at up to 75 mph while carrying melon-sized landscape stones in the back seat of a pickup.

An arrest complaint creates a picture of a heartless and thrilled assault on strangers, and detectives claim they were able to link the 3 to Bartell’s killing using mobile tracking and DNA proof.

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