Tennessee Woman Faces Federal Charges for Hiring Hitman on Dating Site


Sasser became enraged when she learned that the man she met online had gotten engaged.

Tennessee Woman Faces Federal Charges
Tennessee Woman Faces Federal Charges ( Photo: New York Post )

She then turned to the dark web, using an online market called the Online Killers Market, which offers “hitman for hire” services

Melody Sasser, a 47-year-old woman from Knoxville, Tennessee, has been indicted on federal charges after allegedly attempting to hire a hitman to kill the wife of a man she met on a dating site.

Authorities first learned of the murder-for-hire plot on April 27 when they received a tipoff from a foreign law enforcement agency. The agency provided messages exchanged between a user, believed to be Sasser, and an administrator on the dark website. Screenshots revealed that Sasser had placed an order for the murder on January 11, specifying that it should appear random or accidental.

Sasser paid for the hitman’s services using Bitcoin, making several purchases totaling approximately $9,750 over a few months. She even sent follow-up messages to the administrators, questioning why the job had not been completed, and subsequently made additional Bitcoin payments for another hitman to be assigned.

When authorities informed the targeted victim about the threat to her life, she identified Sasser as a possible suspect

The victim explained that Sasser and her husband had been hiking friends in Knoxville before he moved to Alabama. After the man informed Sasser about his engagement, she made an unannounced visit to his Prattville home, during which she expressed her ill wishes toward the couple.

Sasser now faces serious consequences if convicted. She could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison, fined $250,000, required to provide restitution, and subjected to a maximum three-year term of supervised release. The case serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of online relationships and the illicit activities that can occur on the dark web.


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