Texas adolescent care issue is getting worse as doctors who treat trans children leave the state


In her hospital, Dr. Ximena Lopez witnesses a parent sobbing at least once every day. They are sobbing because Lopez has just informed them that because Texas has banned these therapies for trans youngsters, they must discover a new means to provide transition-related care for their kids, either by moving away from Texas or seeking care elsewhere.

The state was successful in its fight over the utilization of transition-related care, such as hormone therapy and puberty blockers, for transgender children after an extended campaign by activists and lawmakers. Clinics have shuttered and a few doctors were no longer offering this therapy while the battle over health care is still up for debate and a court battle to prevent the new law is starting in Texas.

Lopez stated that she was leaving Texas because she found the state to be intolerable. “I just am unable to live in a state where I am feeling trapped and where I’m just watching my patients suffer,” she said.

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