Texas Floating River Wall began to be built with the aim to protect the border

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The border wall section is located close to La Joya, Texas. Our boundaries are protected by these barriers in various places in Texas. The border, meanwhile, is extremely lengthy throughout our state, and it appears that a new security measure has only recently begun to enter the Texas waters.

On June 9th, Governor Abbott spoke regarding all the illegal aliens and weapons that had been apprehended while this operation began. The Texas Gov website says:

“381,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended, and there were over 29,000 criminal arrests and over 26,000 felony charges. Throughout this border mission, Texas law enforcement has collected almost 418 million lethal doses of fentanyl in the battle against the drug.”

In addition to these figures, the governor announced that an underwater barrier floating wall had been built in the Rio Grande River in Texas. This floating barrier—what the hell is it? Well, it only recently began to rise in the area of Eagle Pass, Texas. It acts in this manner.

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