Texas representative offers legislation to prevent federal aid to states that carry out reparations

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A Texas Republican in the House has sponsored legislation that would prevent federal loans for states or local governments that carry out reparations programs.

The No Bailouts for Reparations Act, presented this past week by Texas Republican Rep. Brian Babin, would stop federal bailouts or financial help from flowing to states or local governments running programs providing reparations for slavery.

According to Babin on Fox News Digital, “American citizens cannot be required to fund for radical, race-based ‘reparation’ payouts.”

The Texas Republican went on to say that his legislation “makes sure that government organizations implementing reparation laws according to race, ethnic background, country origin, or slavery can’t get federal bailouts.”

Babin’s bill states that the U.S. government, such as the Federal Reserve System and independent organizations, “might not offer any type of loan, provide, or another form of cash support to the government of any State or political subdividing of it, or to any institution or agency of that State or political subdivision, which implements into legislation any program offering reparations on the grounds of enslavement; or racial or ethnic background, nationality, or historical customs associated with the State or political subdivision.”

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