Thai Woman Arrested For Suspected Cyanide Serial Killing

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A Thai woman was arrested for a suspected cyanide serial killing.

Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn
A Thai woman was arrested for a suspected cyanide serial killing. (Photo: The Online Citizen Asia)

Thai Woman Accused of Cyanide Serial Killing Cases

A Thai woman named Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn, who is four months pregnant, was arrested after being accused as the suspect in serial killing cases related to poisoning victims with cyanide.

According to authorities, the Thai woman allegedly lured 15 people she knew and asked them for thousands of dollars, and if they asked her to return the money, she killed them by poisoning them with cyanide.

Aside from the Thai woman, her high-ranking police ex-husband, Vitoon Rangsiwuthaporn, was accused of being involved with the crimes and faced embezzlement and fraud charges as well. According to CBS News, the Thai woman’s ex-husband met her after killing her ex-boyfriend.

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Thai Woman Allegedly Murdered Her Friends for Money

The Thai woman was accused of killing over nine people for several years across provinces in Bangkok after swindling money from them.

Authorities are still investigating the total amount of money the Thai woman got from the victims, but they claimed she got thousands of dollars each.

The Thai woman was charged with 14 counts of murder, and one attempted murder after one victim survived the poisoning. However, the Thai woman and her ex-husband pleaded not guilty and denied the allegations.

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