The Chinese spying balloon that the US military knocked down was loaded with commercial American-made electronics

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As per accounts, the Chinese surveillance balloon that floated across the United States previously this year until it was gunned down by the military was loaded with American-made electronics.

US officials with information on the earliest findings from an FBI-involved inquiry told The Wall Street Journal that the high-altitude balloon was equipped with American technology that helped it collect images, videos, and additional data.

According to NBC News, which claimed 3 US officials who were aware of the results of that study, the Biden administration thought the balloon might have been stuffed with components created in the US soon after it was discovered.

In February, a US Air Force F-22 fighter plane knocked the balloon apart off the coast of South Carolina after it had flown over Alaska, Canada, and the US mainland for over a week. The US Navy’s divers subsequently took debris from the enormous balloon out of the Atlantic Ocean for examination.

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