The possible sentence for South Korean charged with unlocking plane’s emergency evacuation door; is 10 years in prison


An individual in South Korea who unlocked an urgent exit gate throughout a flight was formally detained on Sunday and could spend up to Ten years in prison for breaking airline security rules, according to officials.

The 33-year-old admitted to authorities following a preliminary interview that he got drowned and urgently tried to exit the aircraft.

He unlocked the door of the Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200, which caused air to burst inside the cabin and terrified passengers, leaving 12 individuals with minor injuries. Some claimed they experienced terrible earache and witnessed others sobbing and yelling. A video posted to social media reveals air flowing into the cabin whipping passengers’ hair.

In addition to the disparity in air pressure within and without the aircraft, evacuation doors often can’t be unlocked mid-flight. However, in Friday’s event, the individual was able to unlock the door as, based on Asiana Airlines authorities, there wasn’t a lot of a change in pressure as the jet was moving at a low level when planning for landing.

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