The response to Donald Trump’s ridiculous statement


Less than 50% of Americans, according to a study done and published by The Wall Street Journal, believe Donald Trump is mentally capable of serving as president of the United States. And Trump seems to be pleased with those results.

“They inquire regarding my age and mentality in a false and possibly controlled Wall Street Journal poll, appearing out of nowhere to lighten the blow of Crooked Joe Biden’s mental incapacity. From wherever did that come? I was the only person to approve of a mental acuity test several years ago, and I passed it.

They do now believe that the Globalists at Fox and the WSJ have been unable to support their third-tier candidate to victory. I’ll put Rupert Murdoch & Sons, Biden, and the editors of the Wall Street Journal to acuity tests, then. Trump stated in the latest Truth Social post.

In a following article, Trump asserted that his performance in the most recent Senior Club Championship, in which he believes that he achieved a score higher than Phil Mickelson and did not cheat, is evidence of his mental capacity.

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