The Safest Neighborhoods in the Bronx


The Bronx is not only safe but also an excellent place to reside, raise a family, and explore. With its diverse neighborhoods and numerous attractions, there is something for everyone. If you’re considering moving to or within New York City, the Bronx offers a more affordable and less congested lifestyle without compromising on amenities such as nightlife and shopping. Additionally, its proximity to Manhattan makes commuting convenient.

Riverdale ( Photo: Untapped Cities )


Riverdale, located at the end of the 1 train line, is a picturesque neighborhood known for its grand estates and charming Tudor-style houses with stunning views of the Hudson River. Initially a summer retreat for affluent New Yorkers seeking respite from urban life, Riverdale now offers a mix of large single-family homes and more affordable co-op apartments. According to areavibes, it is considered safer than 85% of other neighborhoods in the New York area. Living in Riverdale provides a suburban experience while being part of the vibrant metropolis.

Bedford Park
Bedford Park ( Photo: Dog Walking Bedford )

Bedford Park

Nestled beside the New York Botanical Garden and neighboring Fordham University, Bedford Park is a hidden gem. According to areavibes, it ranks safer than 51% of other neighborhoods in the New York area. This charming and diverse community attracts residents of all ages, with its well-preserved original architecture. While lacking bustling nightlife, Bedford Park offers a tranquil and neighborly atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a quieter place to call home.

Fordham ( Photo: Hillel International )


Below Bedford Park, you’ll discover Fordham Heights and Belmont, surrounding Fordham University. These neighborhoods offer a lively nightlife scene, thanks to the vibrant Fordham Road and the continuous presence of university students. Fordham Road is renowned for its affordable $1 pizza, delightful Dominican cuisine, and trendy jeans. In Belmont, you’ll find the famous Arthur Avenue, the original Little Italy of New York City, featuring delectable Italian bakeries, restaurants, and markets. On warm days, you can even catch elderly men playing bocce in the park. The collision of old-world charm and modern influences creates a friendly atmosphere in this area, while the presence of campus safety ensures a safe and pleasant living environment.


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