The Son of Buc-ee’s co-founder is detained in Texas on 28 criminal counts


An arrest has been made in Texas for the son of a co-founder of the famous Buc-ee’s convenience shop on 28 different state jail felonies related to invasive video recordings.

Based on Travis County jail records, 28-year-old Mitchell Wasek was let out an hour after being detained on a $10,000 bail with the restriction that he not get in touch with the complainants.

An attorney associated with Mitchell was contacted by Nexstar’s KXAN, but no response was received right away. KXAN made many attempts to get in touch with Mitchell and his father, Don Wasek, but their respective contact information was either disconnected or voicemails were disabled.

A Wasek family member was capable of being reached by KXAN, but right away as KXAN identified themselves, the family member disconnected the phone.

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