The Utah school system will provide $2 million to the family of a traumatized kid who committed suicide

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A Farmington, Utah, school district has announced that it will give $2 million to the family members of Isabella “Izzy” Tichenor, a Black student with autism who committed suicide in 2021.

According to Izzy’s family, the 10-year-old was victimized by bullying due to her ethnicity and disabilities by other kids, CNN earlier reported. The Davis School District was questioned following her passing on how the schools treated bullying claims.

According to an independent inquiry the district had paid for, Izzy’s school, Foxboro Elementary, failed to promptly look into bullying claims. The study also concluded that the girl was being abused, yet it was unclear if this was because of her color or her disabilities.

The school district and the Tichenor-Cox family released an agreement in which they described the deal as a “mutual resolution.”

The loss of Izzy “may always affect the community and school,” the statement stated.

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