The world responds to Donald Trump’s criticism of Joe Biden

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This week, Donald Trump chose to take the political dispute between himself and Joe Biden to a strange place: the golf course. As a result, the public discussion and political conflict between the 2 former US presidents took an intriguing turn.

Given that he owns multiple golf courses and has been playing for approximately 65 years, Donald Trump is widely known for his love of the game. Over 140 excursions to the golf course were even made by him when he was in government from 2016 to 2020. He has spent a lot of time close to the game, and it appears that he is not impressed with how Joe Biden plays.

Trump recently used his remarks at a rally in South Dakota during the weekend to criticize Biden for what he believes to be a lack of golfing talent. Before informing the crowd that Biden “is unable to hit a ball,” Trump questioned the president-elect’s handicap.

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