Travis Scott Cleared of Charges in Astroworld Festival Deaths

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The decision was reached by a grand jury, which cited a lack of evidence implicating Scott or others involved in the concert.

Travis Scott Cleared of Charges
Travis Scott Cleared of Charges ( Photo: Hot 107.9 )

Rapper Travis Scott will not face criminal charges for the deaths of ten individuals during his performance at the Astroworld music festival in Houston in 2021

The tragic incident, described as a “mass casualty incident,” occurred on November 6, 2021, when a crowd began to compress toward the stage, resulting in panic and injuries. Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña clarified that it was not a stampede, stage rush, or crowd surge but rather a slow compaction within a specific area of the concert grounds. Houston police officials revealed that all ten deaths occurred due to overcrowding and compaction in a single quadrant of the venue.

The grand jury’s conclusion followed a 19-month investigation conducted by the Houston Police Department, which involved digital evidence, witness statements, and chronology reports. The full police report will be made public, although no specific release date was provided.

While Astroworld Festival manager Brent Silberstein and five others faced charges related to the incident, the grand jury found no probable cause to indict them or Travis Scott. Silberstein’s lawyer, Christopher Downey, expressed relief, stating that his client had endured an arduous two-year period and was prepared to defend against any criminal charges.

Houston’s fire chief asserted that both Travis Scott and the festival organizers should have halted the event upon realizing the danger faced by attendees

He emphasized the shared responsibility of everyone involved, including the artist. The Astroworld music festival, in its third installment, attracted over 50,000 concertgoers on a fateful night. As the crowd pushed toward the stage, panic ensued, leading to hundreds of injuries. Twenty-five people were rushed to local hospitals, with 11 experiencing cardiac arrest, according to the police.

During an interview in December 2021, Travis Scott expressed his lack of awareness regarding the severity of the incident, stating that he only learned about the details shortly before the press conference. He mentioned that concert-related incidents like people passing out do occur but expressed shock at something of this magnitude happening.

Scott explained that the organizers informed him through his earpiece that the show would end after the guest finished their set, but they did not disclose the reason for the decision. Scott followed their instructions and concluded the performance as instructed, claiming there was no further communication on the matter.


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