Trent Staggs Endorsed By Utah FOP To Support Law Enforcement

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In the 2024 Senate race, one Republican contender hoping to unseat GOP Sen. Mitt Romney has received the backing of Utah’s largest police union.

Utah’s police union has endorsed a Republican candidate to replace Mitt Romney in the 2024 Senate election.(Photo: Fox News)


The endorsement of Staggs by the union, who has been the mayor of Riverton since 2018, is the organization’s first for a Senate primary. Before, the Utah FOP supported current Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Rep. Burgess Owens, R-Utah.

According to Utah Fraternal Order of Police President Brent Jex, Staggs “has stood up for the blue even during recent times when it was politically expedient to keep law enforcement at arm’s length.”

Staggs expressed his gratitude to the union for their support by telling Fox News Digital that he is “honored” to have their backing and promised to keep doing so.

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Staggs, who earned prominence in 2020 for opposing mask mandates during the coronavirus pandemic, declared his candidacy for Romney’s Senate seat last month. Romney has not yet said if he will compete for re-election.

In April, Romney submitted FEC papers in what could have been a preliminary move toward his re-election campaign. His chief of staff, though, told the local media that he has not made up his mind.

Staggs responded to a question about why he didn’t think Romney would make a good governor by saying, “Unfortunately, Mitt Romney has let personal beef get in the way of good governance. From not standing with Mike Lee against raising the debt ceiling to vote for the $1.7 trillion omnibus, he has helped drive us deeper in debt.”

Staggs became the first individual to openly challenge Romney by declaring his candidacy in the election. Romney has enraged many party members with his justification and support for particular policies and legislation.

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