Trump appears to have the support he needs in the 2024 election

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis formally joined the presidential campaign this past week, but he now seems to be far away than before from the one-on-one contest that his supporters think he requires to win the nomination from former President Donald Trump.

When he officially declares his candidacy, former vice president Mike Pence is digging further in Iowa, a move that is essential to his attempt to unseat the Republican front-runners. Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie is working harder on his campaign, which is likely to concentrate on New Hampshire.

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, who launched his presidential run last week, is also attracting new support from Republican donors and members of Congress. Other candidates who haven’t been talked about much lately have recently expressed interest in participating in 2024.

DeSantis faces a serious challenge from the quickly expanding field, which, when paired with Trump’s seemingly inaccessible base of support, might replicate the factors that led to Trump’s conquest of the party in 2016.

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