Trump responds when asked if he will withdraw from the 2024 election following his detention


Although experiencing increasing legal difficulties, former President Trump is standing strong in his resolve to continue running for president in 2024, insisting that no circumstance would force him to withdraw.

Trump was most recently charged with 37 felonies in connection with the allegedly improper handling of confidential documents. The Department of Justice released a 49-page accusation that makes claims about falsifying documents and papers, knowingly holding onto national defense documents, attempting to prevent justice, and providing misleading statements.

On the latest episode of “The Roger Stone Show,” the former president said in response to Trump’s latest federal arrest that he believes there is no predictable circumstance that will cause him to quit the race.

When asked if any situation would cause him to withdraw from the 2024 presidential race, Trump responded, “No. None of any kind.”

The former president continued, “No, I don’t see any circumstance that suggests I could do that. “I would simply not do it. I wouldn’t carry it out. In 2016, I had the chance to do it. I didn’t do it either.”

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