Trump was overheard on video discussing a sensitive document that he had preserved before quitting the White House

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According to various people who spoke to CNN, former president Donald Trump admits in a recording of a meeting from the summer of 2021 that he kept an official Pentagon document regarding a potential war on Iran. This opposes his claim that he disclosed everything.

As per numerous sources aware of the inquiry, the video shows Trump was aware he kept the confidential information after quitting the White House. According to 2 of the people, Trump’s remarks on the audio show he might like to reveal the material but is mindful of the restrictions on his power to declassify data after leaving office.

CNN did not hear the recording, but different sources said it was there. The relevant section of the Iran paper, according to one source, lasts for around 2 minutes. However, a different source claims that the topic is only a minor segment of a much larger meeting.

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