Trump’s Manhattan case would ‘unfortunately’ need to be postponed due to an ongoing federal case, according to NY Attorney General Letitia James


Letitia James stated that her case as well as those against Donald Trump “will sadly need to be postponed” as the former president is being investigated by the federal government for improper handling of secret information.

On a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival, the New York lawyer general made the remarks while chatting with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner. Wagner questioned whether James’ probe into the suspected financial wrongdoing of Trump’s family and company network will interact with the prosecution of Trump’s materials.

James responded that the moment might affect not just her case but additionally the confidential money case involving Stormy Daniels from Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and every prospective prosecution Trump might face for his attempt to invalidate Georgia’s 2020 election results.

James stated, “I anticipate that my situation, as well as DA Bragg’s and the Georgia case, would regrettably need to be postponed until the resolution of the federal case.” “Therefore, everything relies on how this particular case is scheduled. I anticipate a deluge, an explosion of motions, motions for dismissal, discovery concerns, and everything else.

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