Twenty years later, a Texas babysitter’s murder conviction in connection with a toddler’s strangling death was overturned

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Twenty years after being charged with murder in the toddler’s strangling death, a Texas babysitter had the allegations against her dropped.

According to Travis County District Attorney José Garza, Rosa Jimenez received a 99-year jail term after being found guilty in 2005 in the 2003 murder of a 21-month-old baby who suffocated on a bundle of paper towels when under Jimenez’s care.

A pathologist working for the state testified at the initial trial that it was inconceivable for the toddler to have strangled on the paper towels unintentionally, and the prosecution claimed Jimenez shoved them in the child’s mouth. Numerous specialists have claimed that the toddler’s suffocation was caused by a terrible accident in the years following Jimenez’s jail time.

Rosa Jimenez got the conviction in the case brought against her, and Garza claimed that Rosa Jimenez couldn’t have been proven guilty without the utilization of fake medical testimony. “It is appropriate to dismiss Ms. Jimenez’s case.”

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