Two Juveniles Charged as Adults in Lawrence Murder Case Involving Death of One and Injury of Another


The incident resulted in the death of Bryce Brown and the injury of another individual.

Two Juveniles Charged
Two Juveniles Charged ( Photo: The Law Offices of Johnson & Johnson )

Two juveniles, aged 16, have been charged as adults for their involvement in a fatal incident that occurred in Lawrence back in May

The two juveniles, identified as Derek Reasor and Quaycon George, face charges of murder, robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, attempted murder, armed robbery, and dangerous possession of a firearm.

Witnesses reported that two juveniles entered the backseat of the vehicle before exiting and returning to an apartment building. Shortly thereafter, several individuals approached the vehicle with guns, demanding their belongings. As Brown tried to drive away, shots were fired, leading to his death.

Authorities made the arrests based on evidence gathered from cell phones, witness statements, and social media accounts

Surveillance footage from a nearby gas station captured the two juveniles, including Reasor, who was previously involved in a shots-fired incident. Phone records indicated Reasor’s presence in the area on the day of the shooting. Investigators also uncovered incriminating messages in an Instagram group chat involving Reasor, George, and others, discussing the events surrounding the shooting.

Four individuals, including two juveniles Reasor and George, were arrested in connection with the incident. Reasor faces multiple charges and is being tried as an adult, with a jury trial scheduled for September 18. Similarly, George faces charges of murder, robbery resulting in serious bodily injury, and armed robbery, with his trial set for the same date.

It should be noted that two juveniles were arrested in relation to the incident, but as they are being charged as juveniles, their identities have not been disclosed by the Lawrence Police Department.


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