Undercover Operation Yields 4 Trafficking Victims Rescued and 11 Arrested

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The undercover operation, conducted by the St. Paul Police Department in conjunction with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension-led Human Trafficking Investigators Task Force, took place on Thursday and Friday.

Undercover Operation
Undercover Operation ( Photo: TMJ4 )

A highly successful undercover operation in St. Paul led to the recovery of four trafficking victims and the arrest of 11 individuals over the course of two days

During the undercover operation, law enforcement agents assumed roles as minors or sex buyers to lure suspects into engaging with them online. As suspects engaged in conversations with the investigators, the authorities then proceeded to apprehend them upon their arrival at a pre-arranged meeting point.

As a result of the undercover operation, four women who were victims of trafficking were successfully rescued from their dire situations. Moreover, the undercover operation led to the booking of ten individuals on probable cause of soliciting minors under the age of 18 for prostitution, while one person was booked on probable cause promotion of prostitution.

The recovery of the trafficking victims marked a significant milestone in the fight against human trafficking, and the arrests send a strong message to those involved in such illicit activities

The successful undercover operation would not have been possible without the crucial support and services provided by Breaking Free, a dedicated victim advocate organization that assisted the rescued victims on their path to recovery.

The St. Paul Police Department and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension-led Human Trafficking Investigators Task Force have vowed to continue their relentless efforts to combat human trafficking and ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable individuals. This undercover operation serves as a testament to the effectiveness of law enforcement collaboration in combating such heinous crimes.


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