Utah Woman Accused of Murdering Husband Files Lawsuit Seeking Proceeds from Business and Home Featured in Children’s Book

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Kouri Richins, 33, is being held without bail and is facing charges of criminal homicide, aggravated murder, and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute in connection with the death of her husband, Eric Richins.

Woman Accused of Murdering Husband
Woman Accused of Murdering Husband ( Photo: ABC11 )

A woman from Utah, who is currently facing charges for the alleged murder of her husband, has filed a lawsuit against his estate in order to acquire the proceeds from his business and their family home

However, the civil lawsuit does not address these criminal charges. Eric Richins, 39, was discovered dead in March 2022 at the foot of the couple’s bed. An autopsy and toxicology report revealed a lethal dose of fentanyl in his system, approximately five times the lethal amount. Kouri Richins claimed that she had brought her husband a cocktail before leaving to sleep in their son’s room, only to return later and find him lifeless on the floor.

Approximately a year after her husband’s death, Kouri Richins published a children’s book titled “Are You With Me?” which deals with navigating grief after the loss of a loved one. In the lawsuit, she is requesting fifty percent of the equity in their home, which is valued at a minimum of $1.9 million. The couple purchased the property in 2012 for $400,000. Although the home was under Eric Richins’ name, mortgage payments were made from their joint account.

Kouri Richins is seeking around $2 million from the proceeds of Eric Richins’ share in a stone masonry business following his passing

The couple’s prenuptial agreement states that the husband’s business would remain his property, but in the event of his death, while they were still married, his partnership interest in the business would transfer to his wife.

However, the funds are currently being held by an estate managed by Eric Richins’ sister, as he had specifically directed in estate planning documents that his sister should oversee his estate, rather than his wife. The documents also mention a trust set up by Eric Richins to provide for his wife and children in the event of his incapacitation or death.


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