Virginia Man Arrested After Allegedly Supporting Female ISIS Members

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A Virginia man was arrested after being accused of supporting several female ISIS members.

Mohammed Chhipa
A 33-year-old Virginia man was arrested after allegedly supporting several female ISIS members. (Photo: Fox5 DC)

Virginia Man Arrested for Alleged Involvement with ISIS Members

A 33-year-old Virginia man named Mohammed Chhipa was arrested after allegedly supporting several female ISIS members, including an American woman from Kansas named Allison Fluke-Ekren, for years.

At a hearing conducted during his arrest, the Virginia man claimed he was married to Fluke-Ekren despite holding the marriage virtually, and he had been attempting to adopt her children, which strongly linked him to supporting the terrorist group.

Despite the claims of the Virginia man, Fuke-Ekren did not mention anything about him, even his name, but she also claimed to marry a man online. Authorities believed his connection with the woman led to his involvement in ISIS and his willingness to support them.

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Virginia Man’s Family Denies the Allegations Against Him

During the investigation, authorities discovered that the Virginia man transferred almost $200,000 in cryptocurrency to several accounts, mostly traced as wallets used by various ISIS women based in Syria.

However, the Virginia man’s family denied the allegations against him and claimed he was working hard to legally support women and children, not any terrorist group, AP News reported.

The Virginia man is currently in jail while waiting for his trial.

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