Washington Man Sexually Harassed A City Employee, According To A Report


The Mayor’s Legal Office conducted an investigation and confirmed the employee’s allegations, concluding that Falcicchio’s actions constituted sexual harassment according to the city’s rules.

Washington Man Sexually Harassed A City Employee, According To A Report. (Photo: fox5dc.com)

The inquiry into Falcicchio’s misconduct began on March 10 when the mayor and the Mayor’s Legal Office received a letter from a lawyer representing officers involved in planning and economic development within Falcicchio’s office. Throughout the investigation, the Mayor’s Legal Office interviewed a total of 21 current and former county officials, gathering information on 32 separate occasions. Shockingly, three individuals disclosed instances of sexual harassment during these interviews. In addition, the investigators scrutinized a substantial volume of emails and other communications, including screenshots of messages.

One of the verified allegations against Falcicchio involved inappropriate physical and sexual contact with the victim, which occurred on two occasions: September 28 and October 2, 2022. These incidents, along with other complaints, were documented in a detailed report provided by the victim.

Between September 28th and March 8th, Falcicchio sent thousands of text messages and Snapchat messages to women, including unsolicited sexual messages, requests for sex, and graphic videos. was also confirmed.

She also said she was demoted after Falcicchio used her office as a “dating place” to “create favorable placements, promotions, and an environment in which those who get the job are rewarded with sexual activity.” He also claimed to have taken revenge on and threatened These claims were deemed baseless, although she rejected his offer.

Farsiccio, who is often seen as Bowser’s right-hand man, has worked in the mayor’s office since 2014. Falcicchio volunteered as Bowser’s campaign adviser and transition manager before joining the government. He was also a longtime adviser to former Washington DC Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Authorities continue to investigate a second woman’s charges against Falcicchio.

FOX 5 did not respond to a request for comment from Mr. Falcicchio.

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