What Must Happen Before Marijuana Is Legalized in Texas?


What do you believe about making marijuana, often known as cannabis, legal in Midland/Odessa? What steps would need to be taken?

Many Texas cities and municipalities plan to put marijuana on the poll in the upcoming election or the nearest future; may it appear on our ballot soon?

Here in the Permian Basin, a petition would require to be distributed to determine how many people would truly support the proposal before it could be brought to a vote.

In the early months of 2022, that was previously in place in Denton and Austin.

I don’t use cannabis in any way, but I’ve had a lot of buddies that occasionally like to puff on some smoke.

There is none scarier than someone who consumes alcohol near them than someone who is smoking marijuana. Yes, it slows down your responses, but that’s why DWIs are given out.

It was driving when drunk refers to drinking, using drugs, or getting high on marijuana. Naturally, criminal substances should remain prohibited, but marijuana, cannabis, or anything you prefer to call it should be legalized on the same level as liquor since it doesn’t create the same negative effects as unlawful substances.

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