While hiking in Big Bend National Park in 119-degree heat, a guy and his stepson passed away


According to a press release from the National Park Service, 2 persons died on Friday after hiking in the burning heat of Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas.

Based on the press release, a Florida stepfather and his 2 stepsons he had been trekking the Marufo Vega Trail when the temperature reached 119 degrees.

The Marufo Vega Trail passes a burning section of Big Bend National Park’s high rocks and incredibly harsh surfaces. This challenging trail is hazardous to undertake in the summer heat since it lacks water or shelter. As per the park service, Big Bend is suffering from excessive heat, with daytime temperatures exceeding 110–119 (degrees) at low points and across the Rio Grande.

During the journey, “the youngest, age 14, became ill alongside the way and failed consciousness,” according to park service representatives.

The second brother, age 21, attempted to take his brother’s return to the hike as the stepfather, age 31, abandoned the situation to hike and return to their car for assistance, based on the press release.

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