With the heat, Texas squirrels are once more splooting. This is what it indicates


The increasing temperatures are felt by many people along with us. Even the squirrels are in pain. A video of the little animal splooting—a unique behavior known as splooting—shows it lying down on its front with its legs and arms stretched out.

TPWD said the tape was shot at Inks Lake State Park, roughly 105 miles north of San Antonio, in a Facebook post regarding the splooting incident on Monday, June 26. It has warned the public to exercise heat safety throughout Central Texas under these increasing temperatures.

The verb “splooting” gained popularity in the past year after numerous park administrators started tweeting pictures of squirrels lying on their backs with their legs extended. Splooting, according to The Washington Post, is another name for “heat disposal.” This technique is used by squirrels to lower body heat on cold surfaces.

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