Woman Missing on Cross-Country Trip Amidst Concerns of Domestic Violence

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A woman from Tennessee who embarked on a cross-country journey with her boyfriend has been reported missing for over three weeks

Woman Missing on Cross-Country Trip
Woman Missing on Cross-Country Trip ( Photo: WCAX )

Prompting concerns about her safety due to a suspected history of domestic violence

The Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee has circulated a missing persons flier for Nikki Alcaraz, also known as Nikki Cunningham, who was last seen on May 6 in Moriarty, New Mexico. The 33-year-old Alcaraz was traveling with her boyfriend, Steven Tyler Stratton, according to her family.

Described as a mother of two, Alcaraz was last seen driving a Jeep Wrangler with Tennessee license plates, displaying a bumper sticker that reads, “Mama Tired,” as stated in the flier. Authorities believe she may be located in New Mexico, Arizona, or California, given her travel plans.

Family members shared with KABC that Alcaraz and Stratton were en route from Tennessee to Orange County, California, intending to visit relatives. A report from the Torrance County Sheriff’s Department in New Mexico, cited by KABC and WKRN, reveals that the couple had an encounter with law enforcement on May 4, during which Alcaraz displayed a black eye. Allegedly, a witness observed Stratton assaulting Alcaraz by striking her in the face. The report mentioned that Stratton also had injuries, including blood from his mouth and nose, and he claimed to have been hit.

Although both individuals declined to press charges, Alcaraz contacted her sister, Toni Alcaraz, shortly after the incident with the police

Toni Alcaraz recalled her sister being in distress, crying, and visibly injured. Following the encounter, a family friend traveled to New Mexico to meet Alcaraz and planned to accompany her to California. However, on May 6, the day they were supposed to depart, Alcaraz expressed the need to locate Stratton. Consequently, the family friend proceeded to California alone.

Since then, Alcaraz’s whereabouts remain unknown. Several days later, Toni Alcaraz received a text message from her sister stating that she was in Arizona and intended to continue her journey to California. WKRN reports that an unrelated arrest warrant has been issued for Stratton due to his failure to appear for a probation violation associated with a theft charge.


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