Wrongful Death Lawsuit, filed against Homestead – Indictment of nursing home resident finalized over rape, murder of Invalid 80-year-old woman

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Indianapolis nursing home resident, was sentenced to 45 years of jail time for the murder of an 80-year-old invalid woman on Thursday. After the indictment, the victim’s family filed another lawsuit against the nursing home, Homestead Healthcare Center.

61-year-old, Dwayne Freeman received his sentence for the crimes against 80-year-old Patricia Newnum last year, at the nursing home in which they both reside after pleading guilty on June 8, 2023. Stated in an article from Fox News.

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Freeman’s Indictment

The judge sentenced Freeman to 30 years on the rape charge and 45 years on the charges of murder, with terms to be served all at once. The event was discovered on the morning of Feb 2, 2022 when a Homestead employee entered Newnum’s room to give her medication. Stating that she saw Freeman lying on top of Newnum naked while holding a pillow over her face according to court documents.

Furthermore, Freeman has readily admitted to having consensual sex with Newnum during court proceedings. However, the cause of death evidently supports the existence of force. According to the Marion County Coroner’s office, the invalid woman died of asphyxiation by means of smothering.

Update on the Patricia Newnum and Dwayne Freeman’s Case (Law & Crime)


Freeman’s residency at Homestead was quite sketchy and unclear. 

Another Lawsuit Addressed to Homestead

In the meantime, Newnum’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Homestead. Claiming that the ‘terrible accident was caused by horrible facility conditions and poor staffing. 

Homestead is owned by a small hospital in northeast Indiana called Adams County Memorial Hospital however, operating the facility is CommuniCare, based in Cincinnati.

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