Young California voters weren’t supporting Trump or the Republican Party, which is terrible news for the GOP

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You’d believe that Republican lawmakers in California would have the bravery to finally distance themselves from the toxic manipulator after a jury has declared Donald Trump to be a sexual attacker.

But regrettably, there is little chance of it happening.

The former president still threatens those elected on the lower levels of the political chain while being the early front-runner among Republicans to be chosen for the highest office in the country for a third time. They are concerned about losing his passionate devotees. Oh bad.

It shouldn’t be challenging to use the civil jury’s finding that Trump physically assaulted a lady in the changing area of an upscale Manhattan department shop as justification for finally standing up and admitting that he wasn’t entitled to return to the White House.

He’s too dark, unsettling, and polarizing to serve as a good national role model.

One of the most crucial things the California GOP might do right away to stop its decline and start rising back up to importance and respect is to reject him. It’s possible that doing so would rank as No. 1.

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