Young Mother Fatally Shot in Violent Attack by Ex-Boyfriend in Arizona

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The suspect, identified as Ruben Xavier Rocha, has since surrendered to the authorities and is now facing charges of murder, burglary, and aggravated assault.

Young Mother Fatally Shot
Young Mother Fatally Shot ( Photo: People )

A tragic incident unfolded in Glendale, Arizona, as a young mother was shot and killed when her ex-boyfriend allegedly broke into her third-floor apartment and opened fire on the occupants

The motive behind the attack appears to be linked to a “social media disturbance” that occurred between Rocha and the victim, Jordin Miranda Castillo, prior to the incident. Police reveal that Rocha, who is also the father of Castillo’s child, violated a restraining order to forcefully enter her apartment. Once inside, he proceeded to fire multiple shots, hitting Castillo and two others present at the time.

Despite the heroic efforts of those around her, Jordin Miranda Castillo, aged 20, tragically succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Thankfully, her two-year-old daughter, who was also present during the shooting, was unharmed and was quickly moved to safety by a witness just moments before the violence erupted.

Describing her niece, Mercedes Castillo expressed her grief and admiration, stating, “Jordin was an amazing young lady who had a whole life ahead of her

Not only that, she was an amazing, amazing mother who went above and beyond to protect Malia even at the last moment of her life.” Jordin’s brother, Elijah Castillo, described her as one of the strongest women he had ever known.

The incident has shed light on the alleged history of domestic violence and harassment that Jordin Miranda Castillo had endured prior to her untimely death. According to her family, who launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover funeral costs, she had been subjected to ongoing harassment and stalking by her ex-boyfriend.

As the investigation continues, the two surviving victims are said to be in stable condition. Authorities are working diligently to ensure that justice is served and that Ruben Xavier Rocha is held accountable for his heinous actions.


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