‘Crimes Of The Future’s David Cronenberg Slams Conservative U.S. Politics: In Canada, “We Think Everybody in the United States Is Totally Insane” — The Cannes


Crimes of the Future, the latest film from director David Cronenberg, stars Viggo Mortensen and Lea Seydoux as performance artists who conduct surgery (mostly on the former) in a nightclub for the benefit of the audience. When it comes to making use of one other’s bodies, they are smitten. An entire society that doesn’t like it at all.

Roe v. Wade’s fate is in question at the Supreme Court when the NEON release launches on June 3rd,

What does Cronenberg admit during a press conference?

David Cronenberg admitted during a press conference at Cannes that the film “addresses, though in an openly political fashion, the subject of who owns the whole body.”

David Cronenberg

“I did write it 20 years ago, but you can feel that this was coming, this kind of tyrannical ownership and control,” said the filmmaker regarding how issues of rights over one’s body versus ruling governments haven’t gone away. One thing we can count on throughout history: there will always be some type of government trying to maintain control over the people.

Having control over “speech, your brain” means that the government also has control over you.

“In Canada, and I have said this recently, we think everyone in the U.S. is completely insane, I think the U.S. has gone completely bananas, and I can’t believe what the elected officials are saying, not just about Roe vs. Wade, so it is strange times,” said Cronenberg about the right-leaning political attitudes stateside.

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What does the filmmaker say?

A strange resonance is felt south of the border in Canada, the filmmaker says when we talk about Putin and his invasion of Ukraine.

“The film is not blatantly political.” All art is political in my opinion, and I don’t just mean the stuff you see in galleries. Whether or not the artist is aware of it, his or her work is political because it is a product of its time, place, and culture.

Crimes Of The Future

the youngster who eats a plastic pail at the beginning of the film was brought up by the press conference moderator as an example of climate change being addressed in the film

Consider it deliberate on the part of the Crash director and a nod to the growing use of microplastics around the world.

Cronenberg spoke about the difficulty of halting the Earth’s plastics output. Let’s eat plastics as a way of life! “It would address the starvation problem,” he remarked.

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What does Cronenberg admit?

“It’s a Jonathan Swift, modest idea, sarcastic suggestion, but there’s some reality.”

This is the sixth Cannes film for director David Cronenberg, and Deadline’s Todd McCarthy screamed, “Cronenberg hasn’t exactly crafted a comedy with Crimes Of The Future“.

David Cronenberg Slams Conservative U.S. Politics

It’s rated 90% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes after only 21 reviews. What could have been an overtly gruesome display of torturous experiments and corporal corruption has been handled with an unexpectedly light and even playful hand, a sense underlined by the characters’ tacit as well as explicit admissions that they don’t entirely know what it is they are doing in their adventurous search to meld the human and mechanical.”

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