DeSantis Shocks with 2024 Exit: Endorses Trump for President

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made a surprising exit from the 2024 US presidential race, delivering the news through a video on the social media platform X. Once a formidable contender and a key rival to Donald Trump for the Republican nomination, DeSantis cited a lack of a “clear path to victory” as the primary reason for suspending his campaign. Despite expressing readiness to intensify campaign efforts, DeSantis acknowledged the absence of a viable strategy prompting his withdrawal.

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DeSantis Backs Trump: GOP’s Presidential Field Narrows, Leaving Haley as Sole Contender

In the video, DeSantis endorsed Donald Trump for the presidency, recognizing the majority preference of Republican primary voters to give Trump another chance. This development leaves Nikki Haley, the former US Ambassador to the UN, as the solitary Republican candidate with the potential to challenge Trump in the November election. DeSantis took a dig at Haley, characterizing her as part of the “old Republican guard” and labeling her as a “repackaged form of warmed-over corporatism.”

Former President Trump responded to DeSantis’s decision with gratitude, praising him as “a terrific person” during a rally in New Hampshire. In return, Haley extended well wishes to DeSantis, acknowledging his strong campaign and framing the race as now between “one fella and one lady.”

Despite finishing just ahead of Haley with 21% of the vote in the Iowa caucus compared to Trump’s 51%, DeSantis asserted victory, claiming his campaign successfully “got our ticket punched out of Iowa.” With the New Hampshire primary approaching, a CNN/University of New Hampshire poll predicts Trump’s triumph, further influencing DeSantis’s decision.

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Trump’s Potential Return with Endorsement, Haley Stands Alone

Throughout his campaign, DeSantis amassed significant financial support exceeding $130 million. They built a reputation as a conservative candidate with legislative achievements on issues such as abortion and curriculum content related to gender and race in schools.

This unexpected turn reshapes the Republican landscape, setting the stage for a potential Trump candidacy with DeSantis’s endorsement and positioning Haley as the lone contender.

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