Texas Guard Federalization: Abbott Prepared for Biden’s Move

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Greg Abbott said Texas is ready if the Biden administration continues federalizing the Texas Guard over their border conflict.

Greg Abbot on Federalizing the Texas Guard (Photo from The New Republic)

Abbott Warns Against Federalizing Texas Guard Amid Border Dispute

Abbott told Tucker Carlson his state is ready for such an incident. He called federalizing the Texas Guard a “boneheaded move” and said they can erect barriers or improve border security regardless of federal measures. Abbott’s statements followed Democratic requests for President Biden to continue federalizing the Texas Guard, which the White House has not acknowledged.

Abbott noted the ongoing dispute between his government and the Biden administration over Texas’s right to defend itself from illegal aliens crossing the border.

The Biden administration can remove razor wire erected by the Texas Guard and other state law enforcement, but the Supreme Court did not require Texas to stop installing additional barriers. Abbott garnered support from 24 Republican governors who signed a joint statement supporting border security.

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States Rally Behind Texas in Border Security Efforts Amid Talks of Federalizing Texas Guard

Governor Abbott noted that several states have sent National Guard troops or other law enforcement to help Texas secure its borders. He predicted more states would support Texas in this effort. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who toured the Texas border, called it a “warzone” and praised Texas for constructing a security zone.

Abbott believed a new administration might resolve the federal standoff. He hoped a second term for Donald Trump would tighten immigration rules countrywide. Abbott stressed the significance of staying prepared and strengthening border security regardless of Biden administration moves.

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