The Major United States Citizens Are Worried About the Country’s Future and Politically ‘Burned Out’

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Only 4% of Americans say they’re excited (4%) or hopeful (10%) about the direction issues are headed into the country, with 65% calling themselves concerned and another 21% saying they’re terrified. 23 percent of people describe themselves as “heated up” about politics, compared to 53 percent who describe themselves as “burnt out,” according to the poll. One-third, 32 percent, believe their side is currently losing more than winning in politics, with only 9 percent believing they are mainly on the winning side.

Democrats are slightly more positive than Republicans about the state of the country: 19 percent of Democrats define themselves as hopeful or thrilled, compared to only 9 percent of Republicans who characterize themselves in the same way. In contrast to Republicans, who are more likely to feel enthused, Democrats are more likely to believe that their party is waning (25 percent vs 33 percent) (43 percent vs. 31 percent ).

Liberals are 16 percentage points more likely than conservatives to believe they’re in decline and ten percentage points more likely to describe themselves as “burnt out” by politics. A second correlation between national anxiety and political fervor is that 33% of Americans who are worried about the state of the country say they are “heated up” about politics. In contrast, only 19 percent of those who define themselves as concerned also identify themselves as excited, and only 13 percent of those who describe themselves as hopeful.

Most people in the United States are concerned about the state of the economy

Economic issues are the top worry for 59 percent of Americans, compared to 30 percent who are more concerned with domestic issues, 3 percent who are more concerned with international policy, and 7 percent who are more concerned about another issue.

Despite the fact that financial concerns predominate across all social gathering lines, they are particularly prominent inside the Republican Party. In contrast to Democrats and independents, three-quarters of Republicans believe that financial issues are the most important. Democrats (43 percent) and independents (30 percent) are more concerned with social or domestic issues, whereas only 19 percent of Republicans feel the same. A difference of opinion exists here, too. When it comes to financial concerns, 70% of conservatives feel they are most important, while only 21% of liberals agree. International policy is of little interest to most people regardless of their political or ideological affiliations.

cnn poll

It appears that Republicans hold a narrow lead in the public’s perception that they can handle the issues most important to them. 35 percent of Americans say they trust the Republican Party more than the Democratic Party to deal with these issues, a 5-point edge. One-third, or 35%, of Americans, don’t think either social gathering is real.

As a result, the GOP has a 24-point advantage, 46 percent to 22 percent, when it comes to dealing with these issues, according to those who value money. The Democratic Party has a 30-point lead over the Republican Party among those who value social and domestic issues, a bloc that is primarily Democratic-aligned in the US.

Both parties’ supporters believe that their own party can solve the country’s most pressing issues; independent voters, on the other hand, are less confident in both parties’ ability to do so.

A random national sample of 1,000 respondents was surveyed via text message after being recruited using probability-based procedures for the CNN ballot on May 12 and 13, and the results were compiled by SSRS. The whole pattern’s results have a sampling error margin of four share factors. Subgroups get a larger share.

Americans are worried about the US and “burned out” on politics, according to a new poll conducted by CNN

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Americans are worried about the US and “burned out” on politics, according to a new poll conducted by CNN

United States are worried about the country's future and politically 'burned out

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