Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Proposes UN Security Council Restructuring to Offset Russian and Chinese Power

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The Telegraph reported this development on Sunday, citing an inside source.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.
Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. ( Photo: The Telegraph )

US President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is set to propose a significant overhaul of the UN Security Council, aiming to rebalance the influence of Russia and China

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.‘s plan involves adding five to six new members, which would include India, Brazil, Germany, South Africa, and Japan. John Kirby, spokesperson for the US National Security Council, confirmed that Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. will scrutinize the Security Council’s structure during the upcoming UN General Assembly session.

Presently, the council comprises 15 member states, consisting of five permanent members with veto authority and ten members elected by the UN General Assembly on two-year terms. It remains uncertain if the proposed new permanent members will possess veto powers akin to the current incumbents.

The annual General Assembly gathering in New York draws dignitaries from across the globe, with an anticipated meeting between Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Notably, this inaugural encounter between Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. and Netanyahu will occur off-site, bypassing the White House, due to reservations within the American administration regarding protests and opposition to the present Israeli government. On Tuesday, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is slated to converse with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is poised to personally address the General Assembly for the first time since the onset of the Russian incursion into Ukraine.


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