Sen. James Lankford Advocates Strong Ukraine Support Amidst GOP Divide


This issue has caused a rift within the GOP, pitting staunch isolationists against more moderate Republicans with a MAGA affiliation.

Sen. James Lankford
Sen. James Lankford ( Photo: ABC News )

Sen. James Lankford has emerged as a prominent voice advocating for robust support

Prominent isolationist figures such as Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz have even suggested a partial government shutdown as a protest against aid to Ukraine, a move that is facing dwindling support within the party. Senators Lindsey Graham and Sen. James Lankford, long-standing advocates for a strong stance against Russia, argue that neglecting Ukraine endangers not only American humanitarian values but also the nation’s own security interests.

Sen. James Lankford, resolute in his position, emphasized the imperative of unwavering support for Ukraine, labeling any measure lacking in this regard as shortsighted

Sen. James Lankford didn’t mince words in his characterization of Putin, describing him as “a thug and a barbarian who is slaughtering his neighbors.”

Graham warns that neglecting this responsibility could set the stage for even more significant conflicts down the line. As the debate rages on, Sen. James Lankford stands firm in his conviction that robust assistance to Ukraine is not only a moral duty but a crucial safeguard for American interests.


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