Ukraine Unveils Advanced Long Range Missile, Raising Concerns of Escalation in Conflict

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The modified Neptune cruise long range missile, derived from an anti-ship version, provides Ukraine with a precision weapon capable of hitting Russian targets with devastating impact.

Ukraine Unveils Advanced Long Range Missile
Ukraine Unveils Advanced Long Range Missile ( Photo: CNBC )

Ukraine’s development of an advanced long range missile capable of striking targets hundreds of miles away across the Russian border is causing concern about potential escalation

This newly adapted long range missile is seen as a significant addition to Ukraine’s military capabilities, allowing it to strike high-value Russian assets, including airbases and military facilities.

Experts suggest that while it’s unlikely for Ukraine to directly target heavily populated areas, the use of these long range missile could bring the conflict closer to Russian citizens, potentially undermining Putin’s narrative on the war’s progress. The Neptune long range missile could also have a military impact by targeting Russian airfields and sustainment facilities.

They are interceptable, prompting discussions about potential countermeasures

Although the addition of these adapted Neptune long range missiles may not be a turning point in the war, they are expected to enhance Ukrainian military performance and potentially contribute to a weakening of Russian defenses. The effectiveness of this new weapon remains to be seen, but Ukrainian forces have reported regaining territory on the eastern front and making advances in their counteroffensive against Russian forces. President Zelensky has visited front-line areas to boost morale and show support for the troops.


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