Ukrainian Forces Break Through Russian Defensive Lines in Southern Offensive

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This development comes amid ongoing efforts by Ukraine to reclaim territory from Russian forces, a campaign initiated in June.

Ukrainian Forces Break Through Russian Defensive Lines
Ukrainian Forces Break Through Russian Defensive Lines ( Photo: Al Jazeera )

Ukraine’s military has achieved a significant breakthrough in the southern region, breaching Russian defensive lines, according to General Oleksandr Tarnavskiy, the leader of the counter-offensive

Progress has been hampered by heavily mined terrain, though recent reports from Kyiv indicate strategic advancements in the Zaporizhzhia area. General Tarnavskiy highlighted a breakthrough on the left flank near the village of Verbove, acknowledging that the pace of advance fell short of initial expectations. He emphasized the importance of maintaining this initiative, cautioning against complacency. Last month, Kyiv celebrated a strategic victory with the recapture of Robotyne in the south.

The general emphasized that a major milestone for the counteroffensive would be the reclaiming of Tokmak, a city approximately 20 kilometers from the frontline, which had fallen to Russian forces at the outset of their invasion. This would enable Ukrainian forces to push towards occupied Melitopol and annexed Crimea.

Russian defensive lines forces currently rely on the depth of their Russian defensive lines in the region

Addressing concerns about the upcoming winter months potentially slowing down Ukraine’s push, General Tarnavskiy expressed confidence, stating that while the weather could pose a challenge, the counteroffensive’s progress, primarily on foot, would likely be minimally affected.

He provided insight into the nature of the conflict in the south, describing a reliance on smaller assault squads rather than larger formations. These squads, comprised of 10 to 15 individuals, play a crucial role in drawing enemy fire and utilizing all available means to ensure their survival.

The general’s statements were made following Kyiv‘s strike on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Crimea, claiming to have eliminated “senior” commanders. Tarnavskiy emphasized that the success of the counteroffensive was not only on actions at the front but also on neutralizing command centers that contributed to chaos on the battlefield of Russian defensive lines. He concluded by highlighting that strikes on Crimea served to boost morale among Ukrainian troops, providing them with hope for the future.


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