Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s US Visit Ends Without Key Military Commitment


While in New York City and Washington, D.C., Ukrainian President Zelenskyy engaged with congressional, military, and White House figures.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy
Ukrainian President Zelenskyy ( Photo: PBS )

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s week-long visit to the United States concluded without a public commitment from the Biden administration regarding a critical military request

Although the Biden administration announced a substantial $325 million military aid package during Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s meeting with President Biden, it notably omitted Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS), a longstanding appeal from Ukrainian leaders. These missiles hold strategic importance, enabling Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to target command centers, munition depots, and logistical routes deep within Russian-occupied territories.

On Thursday, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated that Biden had chosen not to provide ATACMS at present but did not rule out its consideration in the future. However, anonymous sources later indicated that a limited number of these long-range missiles would indeed be supplied to Ukraine. The U.S. maintains its stance of empowering Ukraine without allowing strikes on Russian soil, affording Ukrainian President Zelenskyy the discretion to employ the weaponry as it deems necessary.

Defense officials from approximately 50 nations convened at Germany’s Ramstein Air Base for the monthly Ukraine Defense Contact Group meeting, addressing Ukraine’s most pressing requirements

This marked the first meeting with Rustem Umerov as Ukraine’s defense minister following Oleksii Reznikov’s removal. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin affirmed Ukraine’s request for ATACMS, emphasizing a focus on their most immediate needs, particularly air defense systems.

President Biden has previously declined various Ukrainian appeals throughout the 19-month conflict, subsequently reversing his decisions on tanks, advanced fighter planes, and the Patriot missile defense system. Critics argue that this pattern delays Ukraine’s capacity to alter the battlefield dynamics in its favor.


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