Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s US Visit Strengthens Support Amid Funding Questions

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Despite a more subdued reception compared to last year, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy garnered positive remarks on the vital aid required to sustain the fight against Russian forces.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's US Visit Strengthens Support
Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s US Visit Strengthens Support ( Photo: ABC News )

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy made a swift visit to Washington, aiming to reinforce US backing for Ukraine

Clad in military attire, he asserted in private discussions with both Republican and Democratic leaders that Ukraine’s war plan is solid and they are prevailing, highlighting the global scrutiny on Western support for Kyiv.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy also engaged with military officials at the Pentagon and held talks with President Biden at the White House. Biden assured Ukrainian President Zelenskyy of worldwide solidarity against Russia, while Ukrainian President Zelenskyy expressed profound gratitude for US support in countering Russian aggression.

At the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Austin greeted Ukrainian President Zelenskyy without the customary fanfare. House Speaker McCarthy opted not to greet the Ukrainian President, and while a joint session of Congress was declined due to time constraints, McCarthy praised the forthrightness of Ukrainian responses to lawmakers.

Republican lawmakers inquired about Ukraine’s counteroffensive strategy, acknowledging the challenges of overcoming entrenched defenses

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s visit coincides with Biden’s request to Congress for an additional $24 billion in aid for Ukraine, amidst growing opposition from a faction within the Republican party.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy met with Senators behind closed doors, emphasizing the critical nature of the aid for Ukraine’s war effort. Both parties in the Senate welcomed him warmly, underscoring the bipartisan support. Majority Leader Schumer succinctly summarized the meeting, stating, “Mr. Zelenskyy said if we don’t get the aid, we will lose the war.” Senate Republican leader McConnell stressed that support for Ukraine serves America’s self-interest, emphasizing it as an investment rather than a mere act of charity.


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