Category 3 Hurricane Lee Maintains Strength Far from Land


Although Category 3 Hurricane Lee has de-escalated from its formidable Category 5 stature observed on Thursday, projections indicate it will re-escalate while traversing the open expanse of the ocean.

Category 3 Hurricane Lee
Category 3 Hurricane Lee ( Photo: Washington Post )

Hurricane Lee regained Category 3 hurricane status, positioned several hundred miles away from any inhabited areas

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) cautioned that elevated surf levels and life-threatening rip currents are anticipated to persist in the northeastern Caribbean throughout the weekend. It is foreseen that rip currents, turbulent waves, and perilous conditions will prevail along extensive stretches of the U.S. East Coast by Sunday night. According to a Saturday morning projection cone from the NHC, meteorologists envision Category 3 hurricane Lee initiating a shift sometime around Wednesday, proceeding in a northward trajectory roughly parallel to the East Coast, and still considerably distant from shore.

Hurricane Lee, categorized as a formidable Category 3 hurricane, maintains its strength over the open ocean, well beyond populated regions

Having subsided from its peak intensity as a Category 5 tempest on Thursday, meteorological projections indicate a resurgence in potency as it traverses the expansive maritime domain.

According to advisories from the National Hurricane Center, the northeastern Caribbean will continue to experience elevated surf conditions and perilous rip currents, posing life-threatening risks through the weekend by Category 3 Hurricane Lee. As Sunday evening approaches, regions along the U.S. East Coast are bracing for the arrival of rip currents, turbulent sea conditions, and hazardous situations. The latest Saturday morning forecast cone from the NHC outlines the expected trajectory of Category 3 Hurricane Lee, with indications that a directional change is anticipated around Wednesday, propelling it on a northward course roughly aligned with the East Coast, but maintaining a significant distance from the shore.


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