According to Police, Boosie Badazz Wasn’t Their Target. Officers’ Safety Necessitated Handcuffing Them

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However, police in Georgia denies that the traffic stop was the work of the hip hop police, as claimed by Boosie Badazz, who claims he was arrested and handcuffed because he was renowned.

As it turns out, Boosie was sitting shotgun in a black Cadillac SUV when officers stopped it for having excessively dark windows and missing license plates. While detained by police, Boosie launched a wide-ranging attack on police, accusing them of treating him unfairly because of his celebrity status.

Chief Anthony Bazydlo of The Fairburn Police Department Has Confirmed This

Chief Anthony Bazydlo of the Fairburn Police Department has confirmed this, saying that the officer who put his hands on a cuffed Boosie claims that it was for his own safety.

According to the police chief, it’s not unusual for people to be arrested while cops search a vehicle because they claim to have smelled marijuana.

Boosie Badazz Cops Say They Didn't Target Him ... Handcuffing Was Officer Safety Issue

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It’s not true that Boosie was targeted because of his celebrity, according to Bazydlo.

It’s not Bazydlo’s argument that Boosie’s notoriety made him a target. He believes the primary reason for the stop was due to the temporary license plate being obstructed and not examined.
There are reports that the officer who pulled over Boosie says his criminal record had nothing to do with his arrest.

De’Shun Lawrence, the 19-year-old driver, was cited and released after authorities found a hefty bag of cash and a bag of weed during their search, as previously reported.

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