Top Boy: Who Plays Pebbles? Introducing Season 2 Actress


Fans have been waiting three years since the Top Boy revival debuted on Netflix to see Sully, Dushane, and the rest of the Summerhouse gang again, but now they are reunited with their favourite characters. This new season has a lot of new characters, and we finally get to see who’s playing Pebbles.

Top Boy aired on Channel 4 for two seasons before it was cancelled in 2013. Although it was widely regarded as a fan favourite, the show was abruptly pulled from the airwaves by the network without any official reason.

Six years later, worldwide superstar, Drake found the British crime drama to his liking. Netflix’s decision to pick up the series with the intention of continuing the plot was in large part due to his enthusiasm for the show.

Examples of Places Where Erin Kellyman Has Appeared in The Past

Erin Kellyman is 23 years old, having entered this world on October 17, 1998. A British actress, she may be most known to audiences for her part in the 2019 BBC production of Les Miserables.

But in recent years Kellyman has become a rising star in Hollywood. She most recently portrayed Enfys Nest, the Cloud Riders’ rebel leader, in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

top boy: who plays pebbles? introducing season 2 actress

She has also guest-starred as Karli Morgenthau on Disney Plus’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Kellyman was born in Tamworth, Staffordshire, and went to school at the Nottingham Television Workshop before finding success in the United States.

Top Boy’s Pebbles: Who Is He?

Season 2 Episode 3 is titled “Likkle Favour,” and it features Pebbles. Pebbles, who claims to be a young relative of Sully’s, shows up to plead for his assistance after her partner Rashaun betrays her.

From the shady duo of Cyprus and Khadeem, Pebbles was given a bag to bring to Jamaica. But when Rashaun comes up with the idea to sell the bag’s contents for personal gain, things start to go wrong.

Rashaun, however, takes the cash for himself, and Sully is tasked with recovering it. Fortunately, after an argument with Rashaun, Sully is able to retrieve the money and drugs, though not before telling Rashaun to stay away from Pebbles.

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Twitter’s Reaction to Season 2 of “Top Boy”

It’s no wonder that after waiting three years for Season 2, fans are using social media to express their excitement. In the words of one devoted viewer, “the ending of Top Boy had me stroking my chest like Dushane the whole way through.”

Using the original Channel 4 series as an example, this fan said, “Don’t know why it’s subtly jarring me every time they call it Top Boy season 2 when it’s actually season 4.”

In response to the Sully and Pebbles relationship, another user posted a meme reading, “Sully to Pebbles when she inquired if he shot them men at the gym.”

As if all that weren’t enough, this viewer obviously couldn’t handle Season 2’s final moments: “I just sat there in silence for a while after finishing Top Boy.”

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