Ivanka Trump Before and After: The ‘Apprentice’ Star’s Beauty Evolution


Ivanka Marie “Ivanka” Trump (/vk/; born October 30, 1981) is an American businesswoman and the first daughter of former President Donald Trump. She served in his administration as a senior counselor and the director of the Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship. She is the first Jewish member of a first family, having converted before marrying her husband, Jared Kushner. She is the daughter of Trump’s first wife, Ivana, and the first Jewish member of a first family.

Television Appearance

In 2006, Ivanka Trump appeared in five episodes of her father’s television show The Apprentice, filling in for Carolyn Kepcher on five episodes of the fifth season, first assisting in the Gillette task in week two. Trump, like Kepcher, went to the task sites and interacted with the groups. On his winner’s project of choice, the Trump SoHo Hotel-Condominium, Trump teamed with Season 5 winner Sean Yazbeck.

ivanka trump before and after

During The Apprentice’s sixth season and its follow-up, Celebrity Apprentice, she took over as the major boardroom judge from Ashton Kutcher.

She was rumored to have undergone certain cosmetic procedures, mostly to reshape her nose, commonly referred to as a nose job, rhinoplasty, or boob job.

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Ivanka Trump Before and After

For a long time, Ivanka has been in the limelight. She used to be a model and even had her own line before working for her father. Modeling for the magazine “Seventeen” was the start of her modeling career.

The spotlight on her became much brighter once she started working for her father.

Subtle Alterations by Ivanka

Her nose and veneers have changed the most. Veneers, on the other hand, do not count because they are not a result of plastic surgery. Botox is also thought to have been administered to her. Her nose has a hump on the bridge in old images. We can’t see that yet, though.


A lot of ladies wanted to appear like her, whether she had surgery or not. Many plastic surgeons in the United States have claimed to have perfected the “Ivanka look” for their female patients who sought a nose that looked similar. Her narrow nose, wide eyes, and high cheekbones all contribute to the “Ivanka look.” Women who wished to emulate her look did so because they admired her beauty.

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People continue to inquire as to whether she has undergone any cosmetic surgery. She did, we believe. It has been freely stated by a plastic surgeon. Dr. Matthew Schulman, a plastic surgeon in New York, alleged that Ivanka had a boob job, popularly known as breast augmentation and that she may have undergone nose modification. He believes she may have gotten Botox injections as well.

ivanka trump before and after

People naturally like and want what they see on social media in today’s world. Many people see Ivanka’s images since she is so well-known, and women, in particular, aspire to appear like her. Whether it’s a nose or an eye form that’s similar. Her devotees are drawn to something, and they all desire the same thing. So, what’s your take? Have you ever wished you had a renowned person’s nose, jaw line, or eye shape? Would you seek medical help from a plastic surgeon?

If you’ve ever considered cosmetic procedures, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to answer any questions you might have. Many cosmetic operations appear to be exactly that. However, a nose job may be performed if the patient is having difficulty breathing.

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