The Secret To the Success of Alabama’s Conecuh Sausage!

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  • One of the South’s most famous and beloved sausages, Conecuh, was born in the town of Evergreen, which is located in Conecuh County.
  • Both local and online stores like Publix and Amazon sell Conecuh sausage. Many fan communities promote it and share information about where to find it for sale outside of the South.
  • Since its founding in 1947, the Conecuh Sausage Company has been turning out between 30,000 and 40,000 pounds of sausage each and every day.
  • The best Conecuh sausage can be found at farmers’ markets rather than grocery stores. Conecuh dogs and other specials like cheesesteaks and mac and cheese are hand-picked daily, and free samples are available.
  • Conecuh currently produces six unique sausage varieties in addition to bacon, hams, franks, spice mixes, and even turkey.
  • The finesse with which Conecuh sausage accomplishes its goals is the source of its power. The taste of her is harmonious and subtle. It reminds many Southerners of home, and when prepared properly, it can elevate the flavor of a dish without masking it.
  • Since Henry’s inception of the business, the Sessions family, who still own the brand, have carefully guarded the recipe for the proprietary spice blend.

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